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Vanessa Diehl, host of Biz Chatz interviews women in business to share their stories, tips and tricks. Check back for new episodes posted weekly!

She Brings SMILES

Rita-anne Fuss chats with us about her nonprofit SMILES (Support Mental Illness Lives Everyday Society) and her book to help you smile more! 

About Rita-anne + Listen EP026

Digital Marketing

April Jordan joins is again this week to share her new business. In this episode she gives us the lowdown on digital marketing, niching down and brining value to your customers. 

About April Jordan + Listen EP025

Fashion Forward

April Jordan has a passion for fashion but never strays from her values and ethics. In this episode she chats about greenwashing, fair trade and sustainability. 

About April Jordan + Listen EP024

The Gig Life

Tiff Hall Edmonton based Musician, Artist spills the beans on hiring a grant writer, creating music and being in the spotlight! Get ready to laugh and party with Tiff.

About Tiff Hall + Listen EP023

The Side Hustle

Rita-anne Fuss Sales Leader for Fifth Avenue Collection chats about having a home based business. Spoiler alert - it turned out much better than she imagined! 

About Rita-anne + Listen EP022

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