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Homeschool ensembles and music appreciation classes for students aged 4-17 years in Edmonton, Stony Plain, St. Albert and Sherwood Park areas.  Sessions run Oct 2, 2023 to March 18, 2024. Recital/performances will take place March 2024.

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Homeschool Drumming Circle

for homeschoolers and their families

Join drum facilitator and homeschool mom Vanessa Diehl as she leads drumming events for youth and the whole family! All you need is a ticket, Vanessa will bring the drums and lead in the fun. 

Next Event: TBA Fall 2023

What is a facilitated drumming circle?

Whether you have drummed before or not, Vanessa will lead the session starting with basic hand drum instruction and facilitate fun activities using instruments provided. These high energy sessions are sure to be captivating, inclusive, stress relieving and invigorating all while taking part in a musical experience. Great for all ages and musical levels. 

What to expect 

All instruments (djembes/dunduns/frame drums and percussion) will be provided by the facilitator and distributed according to age/ability. Each person will have their own instrument to play during the event. 

While drumming is very fun it can be loud. Some participants prefer to bring ear protection like headphones or earplugs. If you are sensitive to sounds please bring your own, these are not provided by the facilitator. 

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