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HD Moms Club recognizes that as moms we work hard and give A TON to our kids and others. HD moms are driven by our homeschool lives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give back to ourselves too!

Founded by Jocelyn Husch and Vanessa Diehl, two homeschool moms that have been friends since before their homeschool journeys began. Homeschooling is a passion topic for both moms having not only experienced homeschooling first hand but also have researched ALL THE THINGS! However, through their journey they felt that a chance for moms to connect outside of playdates and cohorts was missing. This led to the creation of the Homeschool Driven Moms Club!

Jocelyn and Vanessa's vision for HDMis to create an environment (a club) that provides opportunities for moms to meet other moms as well as to be a resource for those in the homeschool trenches. Join the HDM♧ at a moms night out event, panel discussions, PLUS subscribe for helpful online resources just for moms. 

 Welcome to the Homeschool Driven Moms Club!



Jocelyn is a wife and mom to two girls and has been a homeschool mom from the start. Currently in her fourth year of homeschooling and finally finding her groove and confidence in throwing caution to the wind when it comes to following the rules. Outside of living the homeschool life she enjoys reading, spending time with family, and getting the opportunity to explore new and exciting things within her local community.


Vanessa is a wife, mom of 2 and entrepreneur enthusiast.  Having come from a family educators in the public system, initially Vanessa struggled with her desire to homeschool her kids. Before her kids were of school age she could be found researching homeschool, attending conferences and seeking moral support from Jocelyn. Today she is a homeschool advocate and loves the flexibility, family time and robust education that homeschool brings. Vanessa finds it is not always easy to "balance" homeschool, business life, and mom duties but she would not have it any other way. 


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